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 ----- Original Message -----

From: Ursula


Sent: Friday, November 15, 2002 5:47 PM

Subject: matter


Ursula  Empress                            

Marie Stopes International              

Cleveland Street

GB London WIP 5PG


(2001, January 17)

2002, November Friday 15

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Order of your Empress as CC for all Abortion Clinics and Abortion Practices Worldwide!

September 2016 the 3rd

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Your Empress is informed about your extensive offers and your well-organized chain through Internet.

Your institute isn't the only well bloom chain, which fills a gap in the market with future prospects, but it's the chain your Empress is personally* writing to you.

Should you still not have been informed about also the existence of your Empress, then please make up for it quickly, because unfortunately there is not much time, like it seems to be sometimes.

To reduce the matter to a common denominator, I may not conceal you, that there is a big shovel as a work of art lying in front of the employment exchange in Luebeck, Germany, what has the right size and the right weight to come in action soon.

This shovel is thought for the ones, whose get an abortion and of course for people like you, when someone is acting against the order of Empress.

For the women, those already have had an abortion, your Empress has ordered a Cudgel, who* hopefully is get ready also for the helpers and all persons involved.

The whole matter acts about a fairy tale, which is connected with the Christian's faith in our time and will come true for all people, who may stay on earth and may go in common through this fairy tale.

Afterwards we come back to a normal life and to stand up for a normal faith.

The feeble-minded women, which are living on the coast of other ones and are an expert in push to the fore, your Empress doesn't want to lug with, because, if anybody doesn't want to carry one`s own packages, your Empress doesn't want to carry such ones.

An abortion must stand in the right relation to the described shovel, which is hitting then onto such a pregnant female, that both die together, the child and the mother.

In this way the unborn child is protected against your procedure then; it's protected into the female's body, where it dies and abides with its mother and that is the different.

The hit of the shovel onto such person is standing in the same relation being defenceless and unprotected against the procedure of  abortion. In that way nobody is anymore able to take someone into the vicious circle.

Of course, some girls will come and say: "I don't want this child at any rate, do away this one! Only because there is a silly Empress I don't let ruin my life. One of my girlfriends has already got over with two abortions.**  behind her".

Other people will come and say: "I offer what you want and so much you want; I will pay every price but make away the child!"

There will be coming women they are impregnated by a rape, even by a taken ill man. In those cases there one can say was the devil at work in the full sense of the word and now it is expected, that the child has to die through an abortion.

Exactly in such a case people should offer resistance against the "Black Dirt" and protect these pregnant women in the societies.

The concerned women have to get an exceptional social security and protection in every case.

Also if some women have got a jumping jack as a husband or a boy is the father of the child; just now the woman has to stay straight in front of her Creator; the Creator is going to settle everything for the woman or girl and the unborn children.

Of course, there are much people they will say then: "I don't believe in God, therefore it doesn't go for me, please remove this child or give me the abortion pill".

For this people your Empress will take away their arrogance and their illusion, because this people are the opinion to be the highest creature what is existing, without to ask, how that is between heaven and earth.

You as specialists may not make worries about your working places, because these places are used partly for you and for those people, who are going to hit to hospitalise through the Cudgel.

Your psychologists you may integrate in the matter; it will be a helpful lesson for the psychologists, who basically have a little tic to a schizophrenic, since they often imply mental ill people, that the ill people often have got a schizophrenic by a dysfunction of a gene** in the brain by the "data supply" of it*, because they claim to give up a judgment or give up their opinion the judge in this form.

You all have to learn, that not only the earthly importance come to a person, separate there also is a heavenly importance, what you will know soon, it is to be hoped.

As Empress I should forbid you to pray the Lord's Prayer temporary in the case you are Christians in generally. This hypocrisy I don't tolerate any longer; not from a Christian of your origin and not from the believers of other cultures.

In future always think about exactly what you may do and when the point comes, you have to go away.

Your Empress has to send someone of you away out of the house to the devil; it will be the people, who act against the order of Empress.

Nobody may maintain, that everyone has not got a fair chance; this letter here is your chance by doing  inform your competitors, too.

You should make the letter public in a well-organized secret path to stop quickly the abortions worldwide.

Afterwards you should take care of the people's accommodation, whose have been treated by my Cudgel.

Your organization, what is called Marie Stopes, has chosen a very primitive term; especially the first name tells everything about your investment philosophy. Should the founder of your organization really be called Dr. Marie Stopes, then she might feel herself appointed to carry out abortions as "Maria" to stop life.

One could think to hit in a schizophrenic dirty bunch, if one is writing a letter to you.

             What you take out in your naivety that's absolutely staggering!

By the way, this letter is an official item and not only pointed at your organization; your organization stands for many other items, too.

I'll tell you something; if my person is not able to cope with you, nobody is going to get it done and then it goes around!
Still you have the whip hand as it seems; however the only solution is to do obedience immediately, because your Empress doesn't know the period for the changing in the matter, what is certainly existing.

Don't understand this letter only as a warning separate as a chance, but more chances I don't want to give you!

On behalf of

Thursday, March 04, 2004 / *Document checked 2019, Sept. 18th..

Until the general "play stop" and the "relationships" are brought under control, please prepare everything like described, because the first fairy tale calls:

Little Table sets yourself, Gold Ass stretches yourself and Cudgel ***** * out of the Sack!


01.03.2019* Document corrected.

Checked in January 22, 2020