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 From: Ursula Sabisch []

> Sent: Thursday, 15 December 2016 11:26

To: donations <>;;;;;;;;

Subject: Fwd: Urgent call for help from Aleppo. Help save lives.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Sirs,

I read your appeal for donations with dismay, but you and others can be sure that CARE packages will come, because every cycle breaks down at some point. This refers to the cycle of life.

For this reason, please contact the large Christian churches immediately and do not refer to the many alibi donation campaigns, but demand a part of the accumulated capital of the churches immediately and in a realistic way.

We are not talking about several millions, but several billions. The CARE "packages" are taxable and for this reason the churches must immediately turn the tax in the other direction so that the circle of life does not collapse.

No more of this silliness and playing hide and seek in the matter and commission of the Lord.*

Action is taken and no more watching children from other cultures pay the bill for these overeaten societies with their lives.

Surely it cannot be possible for one or two criminal rulers to hold the whole world in check.

Speak to these people from the church and politics and advise these people to immediately classify themselves accordingly or to subordinate themselves.

The terrorists could have been dealt with long ago by evacuating all citizens of Aleppo and thus encircling the terrorists without children having to pay for this war with their lives.

If you want to, you can!

Only, what would have happened to the entertainment value of the media??

Think about it and let you and others come up with something sensible or do you not have any talents or ideas but are only foreign-controlled and focused on enjoyment and consumption?? !!

Otherwise it may happen that we are all suddenly "checkmate" and the CARE packages will come anyway!

Ursula Sabisch

HP: Remember: Anything that can be reversed is not an excessive risk.


Answer-mail from CARE

Free English translation

On 05.01.2017 at 09:08 M., J. wrote:

Dear Ms Sabisch,

You have received our appeal for donations on Aleppo and sent us the email below in response. I apologise for the delay in getting back to you, but unfortunately we have been hit by many disasters and last-minute missions in recent weeks, so I have only now found the time to reply to you.

We all agree that the current political climate is causing a lot of anger among people who stand for a democratic, liberal and tolerant world order.

CARE has been working in Syria for many years and is committed to helping refugees in neighbouring countries and many other countries around the world. CARE works in a total of over 90 countries and campaigns against hunger, need and poverty. We are a non-denominational and independent organisation that provides emergency aid for survivors of natural disasters or wars.

You ask where the outcry to politics and the church is? Well, an important part of our work is political advocacy and public relations work on current grievances. We take on these functions out of conviction and not because there is money to be made from them. In accordance with our statutes and our self-image, we are obliged to find clear words where they are necessary.

However - and this goes without saying - always within the framework of our competence and our mandate. A humanitarian organisation remains neutral in war situations, for example. This is important so that we can work on both sides of the front. However, if the situation is as catastrophic as we currently see in Syria, CARE also speaks out clearly, most recently in a media release.

But we also do advocacy locally and regionally "behind the scenes" in many places. For example, CARE leads an alliance of NGOs in Bangladesh that campaigns for fair working conditions in the textile sector. In Cambodia, we run a public campaign against sexualised violence and the suppression of female voices.

At the annual UN climate conferences, CARE is present with a delegation that also consists of experts from particularly affected countries, who put pressure for climate justice on the ground and through the media publicity. In Latin America, CARE works with trade unions and other actors to strengthen the rights of people who work as domestic workers for private individuals without legal protection.interior, design, 3dmax, render, architecture, contemporary, visualisation, conference hall, light, minimalism, modern, residence, room, floor, furniture, installation, style, lamp, table, ambient, affair, business, work, meeting, encounter, reception, conference, sitting, session, director, chief, boss, patron

These and many other activities show that we are serious about our mission: alleviating need, fighting poverty, defending dignity. Of course, all the facets of our work do not fit into a letter to donors.

But on our homepage (, in our annual report and other publications we try to report on them.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions.

Best regards from Bonn,


Ms J. M.

Deputy Press Officer / Deputy Media Director

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Re: WG: Urgent call for help from Aleppo. Help save lives.

Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2017 21:12:04 +0100

From: Ursula Sabisch <>

To: M., J. <>


Dear Ms J. M.,

Thank you very much for your reply and your commitment to the vulnerable.

Yes, I have a specific question on this matter.

Have you or some of your colleagues gone or travelled directly to the persons of the mentioned groups, such as Christian influenced clergymen (bishops or cardinals) or to a millionaire/multi-millionaire or even to the billionaires, in order to make it clear to these people, that in the known orders of magnitude of a respective fortune, behind which there is always at least one name, nobody could have earned the money or the wealth honestly and never by his own efforts?

There have always been other people, the environment, the exploitation of the earth and artificially generated energy involved in the accumulation of profits, whereby the stock exchange can drive the accumulated capital up many times over through pure speculation and others can be hit quite considerably as a result!

       This also applies indirectly to an inheritance and to winning a lottery.

Anyone who wants to remain here on God's earth as an over-rich person, or who wants to remain in his care, has to subordinate himself/ herself as an administrator of the funds, or to classify himself correctly, which can be confirmed in my various homepages and by my person.

Otherwise, such a called or affected person has no more business here on earth, because after all, he or she has been living for a long time at the expense of the weak, who thereby had to and must go to their death, could become criminals or will fall seriously ill, and basically every affected person knows that!

Every wealth always has something to do with responsibility and not only with a high reputation, with many comforts and pleasures or with the paradise on earth.

The greater the wealth, the greater the responsibility and the burden that rests on such an administrator of funds, as a quid pro quo must also be demanded in the matter and commission.

Please take note of this letter and take it as an opportunity to inquire about my person and to inform yourselves through the various homepages of my person, despite your lack of time, because hopefully it will pay off in this case!

Please submit your request to the administrators of the funds and refer to my homepages in this regard, preferably to the two large and abundant Christian churches, which have a very heavy burden to bear!

Presumably, you will then be able to mediate projects worth billions, as you and your colleagues are working on the front lines, which is not possible for many of the aforementioned groups.

Nevertheless, the administrator of the funds remains responsible for the success and whereabouts of the available funds, not to an earthly court, but to an extraterrestrial court, or rather to the Creator of us all.

Everyone has a name and everyone can do something in the matter  and commission of the Lord while there is still time.

At some point, a voluntary administration of funds will be ruled out, whereby an exact accounting will be made by the supernatural realm, which can also be traced as a world heritage in the New Testament as a revelation.

Likewise, the spirit of the time is already confirming much that was prophesied in the Revelation of John and an end has long been foreseeable!

In addition, however, there is the possibility of the realisation of an unique and worldwide fairy tale, which will preferably accompany my person and every human being will inevitably be involved in this possibility, whereby the fairy tale can also end very badly!

You and others will learn more here on the Internet/ homepages or through the indirect and direct encounter(s) of my person, whereby there will be enough contemporary witnesses in this respect!

As my time is also limited, I will include this mail in one of my homepages/ treasure troves, whereby I would also like to publish your reply, as it would have really convinced me, if the possibility of an one-time fairy tale did not exist.

So I remain with kind regards,

Ursula Sabisch