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The Dog

And again the angry, angry .....Empress....

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Why has the Relationship between Humans and Animals increased so much?


My Dog

"I spend a lot of my free time with dogs. My interest is not limited to a particular breed, but to the dog species in general.

I regularly go to meetings with other dog owners and spend every spare minute with the animals. I support endangered breeds as well as street dogs, get involved in animal shelters and go for walks with the dogs that have been handed over there. I study their body language, deal with their upbringing and also with health aspects.

You can also take a closer look at these animals here." 

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The angry, angry Empress!

Public officials in the matter must be able to identify themselves accordingly, so that any citizen can easily demand confirmation of a permissible questioning at short notice.

Dec. 2016

You will all still be looking around, because you don't feed pets through, now already with gourmet food and at the same time let people starve in the world for decades!