The World-Cultural-Heritage

  Das Weltkulturerbe

Is there any more to it?


Is it still possible or is it already too late?


Ursula Sabisch



Free English translation on 24 October 2021.


To All Readers As  CC

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

Just now some so-called researchers boast of a hybrid of man and pig and that calls my person a big and hard-boiled MESS!

Ursula Sabisch

HP: Should anyone argue that this elite class is also intended and destined by God's creation for these experiments, then you should know that among others, preferably my person is intended to put an end to this predestination today at the latest!

Please point out to this elite class the cause of the defective genes and thus the positive and negative connection and reaction possibilities of the human DNA and let them find out where and by what the many destroyed human organs have arisen and will arise!

Objective: Stabilise and protect the Cycle of Life.

Please, let that German-language document be translated into all languages and be handed over to all univesities worldwide! 

Dear Readers,

The occasion for this letter today, Thursday, is the following Internet address, which my person happened to visit.

"Unfortunately, the link page is no longer available".

It cannot be true that my person should be one of very few who can define and recognise limit values.

Exceeding limit values affects all human beings; that is:

  • A transgression of being human drags the whole of humanity into, for example, this "do it your self" creation depicted above, since it is always about the entire cycle of life and every living being, every human being, every animal, every plant, the earth including the atmosphere and the universe are in this cycle from which no one and nothing can come out alive.

  • Of course, this also includes biological weapons in particular, which have also existed in the world for a long time.

  • But this cycle of life entrusted to us humans must be protected and especially from such creatures, who will consider themselves the highest good in the entire universe and apparently nothing and no one can stop this extremely aloof class.

  • Even clandestine attempts by this elite class outside the laboratories, which will experiment within the Creation of a living being, will not lead humanity into satisfaction and healing processes, but on the contrary into even deeper ramifications and abysses.

  • One should definitely pay attention to the fact that not every spiritually highly developed person can come to the universities without essential prerequisites, whereby at least indirectly the belief in God is embodied by the student or must be recognisable.

  • Thus, attention should be paid to which people are allowed and admitted to which universities, whereby always the character of a person must be traced back through the entire time of school education and, if necessary, church through the assessment of the teaching staff and must withstand multiple examination!

  • But nevertheless, unfortunately, almost any nutcase can get hold of such stem cells and research projects.

Stop this so-called elite class immediately, because life and the cycle of life are not to be trifled with at all, also because mankind is rather ignorant in this respect!! !