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Rip-off all along the Line

The addressees mentioned below are fictitious in this case, as it is not exclusively about these providers who have been written to, but the whole industry and its black sheep!

In the atomic age of digitalisation and globalisation, one should definitely take into consideration that at a certain point in time, WLAN for the internet will be made available free of charge nationwide, Europe-wide and then worldwide!

On 24.03.2021 at 18:58 Ursula Sabisch wrote:  

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany   

Germany GmbH & Co. Without H. KG


Luebeck, 24.03.2021

Free English translation on 23 October 2021.

Rip-off and Abuse of Trust

Please let the German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the corresponding people.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of Telecommunications W³³ and GELB,       

Today my person had to discover through his account statement that you have used the opportunity provided by a direct debit which my person gave to W³³ to "cash in" on GELB.

Since my person can only very slowly gain confidence in telecommunication companies, because a rip-off is part of the daily business of certain providers and is quite obviously still involved in your business conduct, I would now like to seriously and for the umpteenth time make a clear statement at the right time!     

After a long period of hesitation, my person purchased an additional prepaid-card from YELLOW and after a few weeks (February 21) agreed to an automatic top-up of the card through a residual credit balance reached, by thus my person trusted your company, as you used a direct debit procedure already set up by W³³.

It is only because my person does not currently actually use this SIM card to make phone calls or even access the Internet that my person decided to agree to the change to the aforementioned automatic top-up.      

To my astonishment, five bookings of 10 euros each were made in March using my prepaid-card to GELB via direct debit, whereby my person considers at most one booking to be legal and would like to call the other four bookings illegal, because your friendly supporter was able to "rattle off" all eventualities with blame immediately and in one piece when asked on the phone.      

The error now mentioned was indeed due to the setting** of the mobile phone, although my person cannot have made this setting with a 100% certainty!      

Either the setting including use of the Internet by activating the SIM card of your category GELB is possibly stored on the SIM card by fixing and changing the default setting for the WLAN to the respective phone provider of the SIM card, in this case to W³³, even if it should only be a prepaid-card, which is almost criminal, or else you have concluded contracts with some mobile phone manufacturers which, for example, lets the Android system change from the default setting set up for the WLAN to you as the SIM phone provider from the outset.   

This is how you pay yourselves silly for trusting you and your ilk and not taking care of your bank statements immediately, by of course also involving your employees in your dirty business, who are trained to be able to turn your machinations into one`s own fault!

You cannot expect a user of a prepaid-card to have to check these mentioned settings in the mobile phone every day by deactivating the use of the SIM card for the Internet and you should also consider that many mobile phone users do not even know this setting, especially since the mobile phone manufacturers also have quite different setting options**, some of which one has to find first!

Even if one has to restart the mobile phone, for whatever reason, then one probably has to check first whether there is not another rip-off on your part, as the default setting could be deactivated again and the SIM card takes over the Internet again, despite the WLAN network, even if it is in the immediate vicinity of the mobile phone!

Should my person be in the position, then it will be ensured that such and other people of your category will clear the field and only reasonable and responsible telecommunication providers and thus decent employers with honourable business practices will come to such places!

You have now defrauded my person of at least 40 euros or allowed or accepted that such a rip-off can easily take place, especially with a prepaid-card, and have trained your support staff well according to the situation or the rip-off, which even any stupid caller can notice immediately.

Then you, as the provider, have not even provided a free telephone number for these matters and so the person being ripped off also has to pay the waiting time and the telephone charges to you himself/ herself.

My person now feels compelled to make this advancing worldwide business behaviour public once again, so that a reshuffling of the important jobs of our end time can hopefully still take place in time, or else a hopefully quick rethinking of your category as the communication providers will take place, in that you will have to completely rethink your business behaviour and you will also have to represent a role model function as an employer especially for the young people through a future "clean slate"! !  

Of course, this also applies to the manufacturers of all mobile phones, including the associated software.

My person could once again puke....... when such a cheap and scurrilous rip-off takes place, you half-horrible animals!

Ursula Sabisch

** Addition on 28.03.2021: Description of the matter, for example, with the mobile phone SAMSUNG Galaxy A20s.

In this case it was not enough to deactivate the mobile data in the display, but one has to go to Settings> Connections> WLAN> Mobile Networks> Access Points and lo and behold, the setting made there, by whatever software, must then also be changed to standard by taking out the SIM card network for the unwanted use of the Internet by the menu item, so that no rip-off can take place, by thereby possibly changing the network from GELB to the data of the D1 network of Telekom resp. As a result, the GELB network may be able to access the data of Telekom's D1 network or, as in the above case, Congstar, Telekom's subsidiary, and thus the user may be asked to pay by GELB via Congstar, which means that, strictly speaking, even if not intended by the D1 provider, the user could be charged twice! 

Should one as a prepaid customer have contractually agreed on an itemised bill for the connections, which hardly anyone will consider with a prepaid-card, then one would possibly have listed the proof of the units of the connections made separately; otherwise one must pay and that is when the just mentioned access point for the Internet could be reactivated, for example, by an UPDATE from SAMSUNG, by switching the SOFTWARE or the Android from standard for the Internet to the SIM card provider!! !