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Luebeck, 29 June 2018

Free English translation on 21 October 2021.                             

Please let the German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the corresponding people.

Subject: Sufficient Flexibility of Contracts and individual Customer Requests & Multi Media Products**


Dear Sir or Madam,

Since my person has to assume that you are still cluelessly doing your job and have not been put in any knowledge of the matter, which is already going on for more than three decades, preferably in my hometown Luebeck, my person would like to inform you that a certain flexibility in the matter and thus in the networks is absolutely necessary, since just this individuality of the customers is the big PLUS or a valuable possibility, which dangerously goes along with the high-tech, in order to be able to keep the upper hand of the "high-tech" control!

This control is important for all mankind and for good reasons it concerns preferably the German Te.. .. .but also basically every provider or every provider of a network worldwide.

As an example I would like to mention today's chat of my person with "congstar" and a friendly support.

As my person needs a stronger GB performance for the extension of a technical IP surveillance camera than already .......................... the provider could not increase the contract to the desired power, as it was already the highest power within this contract, but my person, for example, cannot manage with ... GB. A contract change would also have been a possible offer.

At such cornerstones you and others should react to the wishes of the customers and come up with solutions in each case.

You and others have nothing more to lose, on the contrary, you can only win!

However, should you and others be in the know, which my person actually presupposes, then prepare yourselves for a thunderbolt from my person, because the "roasted doves" will certainly not fall on the laid table and the land of milk and honey will also not exist for much longer, because at some point there will finally be an end to your pathological play-acting, in that you and others can hide quite well in the collective, can't you?

So far, my person has had to turn over every penny and every cent twice that had to be spent on high-tech!

Now, however, it is time that people with a low income or with a small purse at the ..................... will also be able to operate the High Tech side switch and thus steer, as some of these people will usually find themselves on the right side of life.

There must be no more "No, it can't be made possible", in this situation of all of us, and that applies worldwide!

With kind Regards

Ursula Sabisch,

HP: My person does not want to threaten you and others unnecessarily, but should my person's Cudgel become functional, even without your intervention, then most likely the time pressure of the Cudgel........... that has arisen will have to be compensated for by "kicking out the command resisters into the hereafter" on the spot of the living high-high-tech, in that a return to the Earth of all and with........everything that belongs to it is a matter!

Since my person is of the opinion that every person ....and .......every responsible person should also know what the respective consequences could be, but would like to emphasise that the hereafter has many dwellings according to the tradition of the Bible, I will probably have to make the letter public.

Multi Media**

Multi media products are piling up in shops and warehouses and sometimes lie unused in boxes for years.

On the other hand, there are many interested people or old people who are able and willing to learn, who should be able to use these devices or high-tech in the old people's homes for good reasons, as they would also have the time to do so.

Unfortunately, the prices for the high-tech products (hardware) and the products for the software are not exactly affordable for every wallet.

This can and must change soon by not destroying these slow-moving items in the future but giving them away to certain fringe groups in a targeted manner, because using this valuable hardware and software helps everyone at the end of the day, especially when no one could count on one or the other person communicating via the Internet any more!

The latest motto as of today is: Cast nets and hope for full nets!